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Reduce IO-Hell


   1 aptitude install logtail

Enable Plugins

   1 cd /etc/munin/plugins
   2 ln /usr/share/munin/plugins/{list,of,plugins}
   3 service munin-node restart

Disable Plugins

   1 cd /etc/munin/plugins
   2 for PLUGIN in list of plugins
   3 do
   4         unlink /etc/munin/plugins/${PLUGIN}
   5 done
   6 service munin-node restart

Generic Debugging

   1 cd /usr/share/munin/plugins
   2 ls
   3 munin-run --debug --pidebug --servicedir $PWD tcp

Munin Plugin State Directory

Make sure the contained directories have the correct Unix-filesystem permissions.

   1 for DIRECTORY in /var/lib/munin-node/plugin-state/*; do
   2       chown -vR $DIRECTORY:munin $DIRECTORY;
   3 done

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